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When you come to us, your first meeting with our team will be to go over your individual child custody case closely. Our legal team in the Estero area works closely with you to figure out every angle of your case. Here at Diane Gonzalez, Attorney At Law, we have many years of experience working with clients through even the hardest of cases.

Are you in search of a trustworthy child custody lawyer in the Estero area that can help you get to the end of your case with a resolution that is beneficial to you? At Diane Gonzalez, Attorney At Law, we work hard to represent our clients well and ensure they are poised for success in their case.

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Situations involving child custody matters are often complex. If you are facing such a situation in the Estero area, put your trust in our many years of practice at Diane Gonzalez, Attorney At Law to guide you through the process. Call us today at Tel: (239) 948-8655 Cell: (239) 384-1998 to ensure your case is handled professionally.

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