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At Diane Gonzalez, Attorney At Law, we are a full-service criminal defense firm that you can trust to put your needs first. We provide clients throughout the surrounding Punta Gorda area with vigorous representation that they can count on in court.

There is a period before your Punta Gorda area district attorney will file charges against your criminal defense matter. You may or may not be arrested before criminal defense charges are filed. If you hire Diane Gonzalez, Attorney At Law early, we may have an opportunity to prevent charges from being filed against you.

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Let us at Diane Gonzalez, Attorney At Law be your guides during your criminal defense case. We know this is a difficult time for you, so we invite you to call us at Tel: (239) 948-8655 Cell: (239) 384-1998 and have a private one-on-one discreet conversation where we can discuss your case in Punta Gorda. 

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