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The family is the cornerstone of our community and when events impact our families, extreme pressure is placed upon all of those involved. Families today are facing very uncertain economic futures and adding a separation or divorce to the equation only seems to make matters worse. When you need reliable representation when facing a family law situation, look no further than the law office of Diane Gonzalez. With over 25 years of service in all areas of the legal profession, attorney Gonzalez offers sound, expert advice on all aspects of family law.

South Florida Divorce Law

The state of Florida is a no-fault divorce state, meaning that either party can end a marriage and, for the most part, the courts will grant the divorce regardless of the reasoning. A settlement negotiated by the two parties involved is the easiest, and the least costly, method of divorce. When a settlement cannot be reached, the case will have to go to the court system. Divorce proceedings that go to court are never easy and are very stressful. A well-seasoned Fort Myers divorce attorney is necessary to aggressively make your case and protect your best interests. Diane Gonzalez has worked to protect the rights of clients for almost two decades in private practice. She has the experience and knowledge that you need in a divorce proceeding.

Child Support Orders

In the wake of a divorce or separation, there are, many times, children involved. Attempting to lessen the blow of the major life event on the children is difficult – difficult for you as a parent and for them. There will be changes in the lifestyle that you may have been accustomed to and those changes can be hard to deal if not handled carefully. You will need an attorney that understands the ins and outs of Florida’s child support system. The law office of Diane Gonzalez has worked successfully with numerous clients in the division of property and assets and liabilities in these types of cases. A competent attorney will help you in the discovery of all assets to guarantee the financial support necessary to raise your children.

Establishing Paternity

Child support orders may rely on a determination of paternity. Diane Gonzalez has experience in all areas of family law and can assist clients who need to establish paternity. Whether it is a mother who is not married who must establish paternity so that she may obtain child support or even a father who seeks verification, an experienced lawyer can help you protect your rights and interests and even help you determine the best course of action to take.

Choose The Law Office of Diane Gonzalez

In all legal issues dealing with the family, the stress level is high. All parties involved need someone they can count on to protect their rights and interests. With children involved, it becomes imperative to have an experienced, knowledgeable, and laser-focused advocate like Diane Gonzalez on your side. Contact us today and let our experienced Fort Myers family law and divorce attorneys help you!

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